About Us

TALYAH LONDON Ltd is a Cosmetics company specialising in HALAL & VEGAN Make-Up products, established in the United Kingdom. Bringing innovative and unique products to the beauty market. At TALYAH LONDON we believe every individual is beautiful, so we seek to further enhance your beauty with our elegant and beautiful cosmetics range.

We are here because of you, and we aim to keep YOU at the heart of everything that we do. TALYAH LONDON understands that every customer is unique and will have their own version of beauty, especially with the quick shifting of trends nowadays through social media, so we will always consider what our customers want, so be part of the TALYAH LONDON family and tell us what you think and want to see available, and we will try our best to make it happen. Because we believe in beauty.

Our core values are ethical, and we seek to provide you with the best quality for value products. We will never use products that are animal tested nor will we promote such products indirectly.
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